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            Обзор вспомогательных утилит из архива a68y_512.zip (подкаталог /other/)

DUMB    simple terminal emulator. You could set all functional keys to send
        some special sequance of data. To do that you should create a file
        dumbterm.cfg and each line of this file should have follwing syntax:
        fN = xxxx
        where fN should be from f1 to f12 optionaly preceded by c, s or a
        and xxx is data you want to be send as string or hex.
        aF9='quit' 0d
        when press alt-F9 inside terminal it will send 'quit' folloed by <cr>.

ASMBUMP increments value after an equal sign (=) on text file with a
        single line. I use it in make file just before invoking assembler
        to increment number of compilations. If file build.inc contains
                build   =       37      ; xxxx
        after executing ASMBUMP build.inc
                build   =       38      ; xxxx

ASMDATE similar to ASMBUMP, but it puts current date instead of incrementing

        Source code for ASMBUMP & ASMDATE included (in turbo pascal).

ERRORS  program which creates mc68hc11.msg. Use it:

                errors errors.en mc68hc11.msg /m

        So you can edit error messages or translate them.

errors.bg - error messages in bulgarian
errors.en - error messages in english

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